Building Capacity for Practical Participation and Implementation – Carpathian Convention in Ukraine (2005 – 2007)

The project goal was to improve social and economical situation of local people through building capacity within key agencies and stakeholders for participation and practical implementation of the Carpathian Convention in Ukraine. This included training for representatives of local government in the methodology and practical application of public participation, establishing a working-group of  key stakeholders with aim of defining areas of responsibility for the implementation of practical environmental plans, roundtables which developed appropriate ideas and proposals based upon the priorities identified by different stakeholder groups. Project participants together with representatives of local authorities and administrations prepared a Plain Language Guide for the Carpathian Convention implementation. The publication consists of 2 books (the first gives a common overview of the Convention, its history, ways of implementation and requirements for national and local authorities; the second gives examples on how concrete Convention Articles may work in practice using case studies from different regions of the Carpathians), Carpathian poster with map and local calendar, and CD with English and Ukrainian versions, project newsletters, video example of interactive educational program for children. The project was implementing by “Green Dossier” in partnership with LEAD International (UK) and NGO Center of public initiatives (Kosiv) with funding of the United Kingdom “Environment for Europe Fund” and supported by the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and British Council, as part of Small Environmental Project Scheme.


Book 1

Book 2