Carpathian Cultural Heritage Campaign

A short history of the project:

    * ANPED Members are active in the Carpathian Convention since 2003;
    * Focus on public participation and local people needs; stakeholders involving, consultations;
    * COP1 (December 2006): stakeholders’ attending the official meeting, speeches from the region, Carpathian Celebration; successful lobbying;
    * The Working Group on the implementation of Article 11 of the Carpathian Convention (Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge) established;
    * Meeting of the WG (August 2007, Venice) supported ANPED suggestions (a clarification and creating the inventory);
    * Identification, protection and promotion of CH for creating the Inventory  initiated by ANPED (2007 – 2008);
    * COP2 (June 2008): ANPED’s work welcomed, suggestions approved by the Parties, included into COP2 decisions;
    * Pilot Actions in 4 targeted regions in Ukraine and the Czech Republic (2010 – 2011): a mechanism of the Inventory creation was established, tested and presented to COP3 (May 2011).
    * Ukrainian performance at cultural event at COP3.
    * Presentation at the International Hutsul Festival (Kosiv, August 2011).

Official decisions


Cultural heritage and traditional knowledge (Article 11 the Carpathian Convention)

    * The COP invites Parties and stakeholders (including ANPED) to ensure the follow-up work of the WG on of Cultural Heritage and Traditional knowledge.
    * The COP welcomes the definition of Carpathian Heritage, decides to develop and establish the Carpathian Heritage Inventory, and encourages Parties to collaborate and support the development (by ANPED) of the Inventory and a programme of activities.


Definition of the Cultural Heritage of the Carpathians

The First Meeting of the working group agreed on a definition of the cultural heritage of the Carpathians as follows:

“The Carpathian heritage is the diversity of natural and cultural and mixed tangible and intangible assets, and their interaction, which serve for maintaining Carpathian Unity and Identity”.


Documents (attached):

    * ANPED Position Paper – 2006
    * Recommendations on creating of the Carpathian Heritage Inventory - 2011
    * Press release – August 2011


The project supported by UNEP Vienna/Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention