European Solar Days 2013 in Ukraine: events, results

Preparation of European Solar Days in Ukraine started in March with an information campaign. Newsletter ESD News-2013 was distributed at the beginning of the campaign to 75 organizations that promote renewable energy, manufacturers installers and traiders of solar equipment, media and government. The digest contained general information about solar energy, last year developments and interesting Ukrainian and International events and experiences.
With a course of the campaign more partners joined it (currently we have 20 partners), and mailing list for ESD Newsletter increased to 120 organisations and includes a wide specialised networks.
On April 16 ESD campaign was presented at 21st Economic and Environmental Forum OSCE in Kiev, which was attended by officials and experts from 57 OSCE countries.
From 1 to 19 of May in Ukraine were more them 30 events, and some are still planned. The main events are:

  • Collection of case-studies on solar energy use in agro-food sector, creating a series of "Clean Energy Golden Pages " (with UNIDO-GEF Project - Improving energy efficiency and promoting of renewable energy use in the agri-food and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine"
  • Mini-surveys (comparative analysis) regarding the use of solar energy in agriculture sectors of Austria and Ukraine, the possibility of Austrian experience use in specific areas of Ukraine. Performed by Interns of "European Movement for Ukraine" (18 studies in total) who were students of various universities.
  • Volyn region. Solar heat collector installed in rural school.
  • Practical advices for the local community and all interested in the use of solar energy at home, including a demonstration of solar photo panels and the principle of the solar thermal collector at the Information Centre for sustainable development, Tatarbunary, Odessa region.
  • "Solar caravan - 2013" - The competition for scholars and their parents who care about safe and bright future.
  • Virtual exhibition of social posters at web-site of "Carpathian Academy of ethnodesign" project.
  • May 12 Banyliv - Pidgirny (Storozhynets rayon, Chernivtсi region). "Solar" activities for children in frames of Birch Syrop Festival.
  • NGO "Nadiya" in Lviv presents workshops on manufacturing of solar heat collectors.
  • National Ecological Centre of Ukraine together with partners (NGO "Women in Europe for a Common Future» (WECF), Netherlands, Rivne Oblast NGO "Ecoclub" and Tatarbunary Environmental NGO "Vidrodzhennia"), train Ukrainians self manufacturing of solar heat panels in frames of the project "Switch on the sun - live comfortably.
  • On May 16 new solar plant was installed in Skadovsky area of Kherson region in frames of 3rd International Tourist Forum.
  • - Association for Renewable Energy "Alternative" presented series of workshops for students 2-6 of grades in frames of ESD. Three workshops were held in Kyiv specialized school "Triumph".
  • - Sebastopol: solar heat collector as an element of roof in the village of Orlynoe. Demonstration of solar heat collector in a sacred site of Crimea, on the side of St. Clement Lake.
  • - Solar heat panels from Sebastopol for children orphanage in Kharkiv. Manufactured and installed by NGO "Sun Energy 44 school" lead by Dr. Ivan Statsenko.


European Solar Days in Ukraine does not end by May 19.

  • The contest "Solar caravan" continues for the next year;
  • The publication on results of case studies on solar energy use in agriculture ("Clean Energy Golden Pages") is presented at a press club in frames of EU Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine, organised on June 26 by Green Dossier and UNIDO-GEF project in cooperation and in environmentally responsible office of KPMG company.
  • The overall results of the campaign and the contest "Solar caravan" were presented on June 24 in Zhytomyr city at the opening of EU Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine.


"Chasing the sun"

Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine provided ESD participants with documentary "Chasing the sun" - 52 minutes journey on the "sun ship". Although the film was brought to Ukraine when the campaign has already started, although it is not translated into Ukrainian ... we’ve got more than 10 requests for the film to demonstrate it in various parts of Ukraine.
In Sebastopol the documentary was seen by the students of the Cathedra (Department) for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the University of Nuclear Energy and Industry. In Donetsk the documentary was shown in Alternative Youth Center, in Minsk - Belorussian "Greens", at discussion club for social activists. Mostly, the documentary was requested by organizations that deal with environmental issues (Chernivtci NGO “Bukvitsa”, Kosiv Center of Public Initiatives) or by journalists interested in sustainable energy issues (Cherkassy). But it was also shown as a part of interactive performance - game prepared by the actors of children's playground "Ravlyk" and learning session in a unique spherical cinema (cultural and entertainment center ATMASFERA 360). This demonstration for school children was supported by explanation (translation) done by Green Dossier representative (see photo).
The opening ceremony of EU Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine (June 24, Zhytomyr city) included a lot of activities, among them we put a screen in our tent where the documentary was demonstrated. Photos of the event in Zhytomyr.

Initial materials: