Green economy and sustainable development – projects

“Green dossier” provides projects on sustainable development starting from 2000. Just before The worldwide summit on sustainable development (Johannesburg, 2002), “Green dossier” created the cycle of 5 short films (UA version) that were shown during the Summit as well as on Ukrainian TV.
In 2008 “Green dossier” joined international platform considering sustainable consumption and production (coordinated by the Institute for Sustainable Consumption and Production, Vupertal, Germany) that unites non-governmental organizations of many countries. At the same time “Green Dossier”, being a part of network of organizations that co-work with UNEP, takes active part in developing conception of Green economy. In particular, in Ukraine has been held the research on the state of organic market and possibilities of development of green economy in agriculture sector, and discussing of this research. Earlier there was held a research considering sustainable consumption and production in Kosovo region and there were provided a number of projects on sustainable development in Carpathian Mountains.


We keep on providing projects on different directions of Green economy:
Transfer to renewable energy sources, including wind power, sun energy, geothermal energy and biomass:
- Solar days in Ukraine – since 2011.
Development of Sustainable transportation.
Development of sustainable agriculture including organic production:
- Green innovations for reconstruction of traditional agriculture in the Ukrainian Carpathians (2011-2012)
- Agriculture as a catalyst of switching to “Green Economy”. Survey study in the sub-region of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) (2010)


As well as projects aiming to raise awareness in the questions of sustainable consumption:
- Ecological certification for tourist business – since 2010.
- “Change of consumption style – global assignment for everyone for planet salvation” (Swedish experience of sustainable consumption and Ukrainian way to changes)(2010).