People Making Cooperation Work

Creative resource book for NGOs on democratic organisational structures and cooperation.


This manual was developed over a number of years as a result of practical project work in Central and Eastern Europe. This is a summary of issues, needs, and challenges faced by nongovernmental organizations, which we explored and helped in the course of our coop eration there.

Involvement in the nongovernmental sector has been expanding rapidly. The level of involvement ranges from unpaid volunteers and community members to professional managers and experts. The nongovernmental sector is represented by a great variety of organizations advocacy and lobby groups, think tanks, campaigners, service and educational organizations, community groups. Good management skills and knowledge are useful in this sector just as they are in the public and private sectors.


This manual has been produced with contributions from various people and organizations.
Milieukontakt OostEuropa
Preparing, writing and compiling materials: Willem Tjebbe Oostenbrink
Contributions by: Jackeline Mekkes (parts 1 and 3), Agnieszka Tarnawska (part 1 organizational structures), Olga Malakhova (materials parts 1, 2 and 3).
For part 3 materials were taken from the trainers' manual for Macedonian NGOs Organization and
Management prepared and written by KOCKA Independent consultants' network Macedonia.


NGOs contributing by providing data and information: Service Civil International, SCIGermany, SCIRomania, SVIT Ukraine, Associatia de Voluntariat din Moldova, Cooperation on Voluntary Service Bulgaria, Alliance of Voluntary Service Organizations, PanEuropean Ecoforum, European Environmental Bureau, QKE Albania, Econet Macedonia, Aarhus family (Macedonian working group on Aarhus convention), OrangeNet Moldova, Bluelink Information Management Bulgaria, Polish GreenNet, NGO Centre CNVOS Slovenia, REC Moldova, GreenKit Ukraine, Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation.


This manual was produced by Milieukontakt OostEuropa with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the Matra program (Transformation of societies).


© Milieukontakt OostEuropa, 2006
© Green Dossier, 2006