Strengthening Public Participation in the Implementation of the Carpathian Convention (2005 - 2006, ANPED)

Developing in coordination with ANPED and in consultation with stakeholders, of environmental / cultural agendas, with a view to the creation of entry points for the promotion and realisation of public participation. The development of the investigation and assessment of cultural heritage in Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, by further meetings and/or assessment surveys and by using the preliminary results of the stakeholder processes in these countries initiated by the National Coordinating Organisations designated by ANPED. Identification of groups or associations active in the demonstration of cultural heritage and its links to biodiversity, environmental governance and public participation, and work with them to develop a format to present this at the Inter-Governmental Meeting. Lobbying of establishing the Cultural heritage working group by the first meeting on Conference of parties of the Carpathian Convention. Organising the exhibition and cultural celebration at the COP1.