Ukraine is on the Solar Days’ Map

Ukraine, which meets only 47-49% of its needs with its own energy resources, has a significant average annual potential of solar energy - 1235 kWh / m ². It is higher than in Germany, 1000 kW h / m ², which is actively developing this industry, and higher then in Poland, 1080 kW h / m ². The most favorable conditions for solar energy development exist in southern Ukraine - in Crimea, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa, where it’s potential reaches 1450kW h / m ².

Solar systems are able to generate both electricity and heat in our climate conditions almost in all Ukrainian regions (with varying efficiency) throughout the year.
This means that solar heat installations can operate with about 50% efficiency from 7 to 9 months in the south and 5 - 7 months in the northern regions. In winter, their performance drops, but does not gets lost. Optimally chosen equipment reduces 50-60% of annual energy use for water heating and up to 50-70% of electricity use. Properly installed system covers up to 95% of the heat and electricity needs between April and September.

With the development of technology and increasing production and demand, the prices for thermal solar photovoltaic installations are reducing.  Thus,  during past 25 years solar cells prices decreased almost 20 times, and some domestic companies offer solar heat systems with payback periods of 2-5 years. It is expected that solar energy will become more available, and will create serious competition for traditional forms of energy. Currently, Ukraine is among the five countries (Ukraine, USA, Japan, Germany, and China) that have the most powerful scientific and technological background for solar energy development.

Ukraine has a legal framework which implies "green tariffs" for each type of solar plants to stimulate their development.  Furthermore, the companies are exempted from income tax as well as the renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment imported to Ukraine is exempt from VAT from 1 January 2010.

But there are no subsidies and bank loans available for installation of solar panels so far, which slows down the growth of the industry. Ukrainian Solar Energy Market is currently under development, but is characterized as a potentially large. According to some forecasts, Ukraine will have more than 100 MW installed photovoltaic generating capacity by 2015, and dramatic growth in demand for solar installations is expected  in 2013.

Total  PV generating capacity will get doubled  already in 2012  due commissioning of  in Europe's largest solar power plant, and by the highest in the region "green tariff" EUR0, 49 that was fixed until 2030.

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