Mission and History

ICO Information Center “Green Dossier” is operating since September 1994.

Our mission:

  • to engage as many people as possible in addressing problems of environment and sustainable development;
  • to encourage public participation in decision making on these matters at different levels.

“Green Dossier”promotes principles of sustainable development and their integration into national policies and government programs by disseminating objective environmental and social information to mass media, local communities, government and business, involving them to practical action.

Organisation assists building of sustainable communities by providing environmental and social information, which helps to improve places where people live and work giving them a chance to play their real role in shaping change for a preferable future.

“Green Dossier” helps in revival of cultural traditions, arts and environmentally friendly businesses, which is directly connected with nature conservation. This requires people to take a long-term view of the economy, rather than adopting short-term fixes.

As a result of delivering more sustainable economy people do more with less by making better use of resources, increase investment, promote stability and competition, develop skills and reward work.

Main directions of our activity

  • Eurointegration: Implementation of Association Agreement between EU and Ukraine, support and promotion of Eastern Partnership goals and achievements, implementation of European Green Deal;
  • Good environmental governance: integration of environmental issues into sectoral policies, expertizing and promotion of environmental public assessment;
  • Sustainable development: “Green Dossier” provides projects on sustainable development since 2000, during many years is active in development and promotion concepts of Green and Circular We focus on sustainable development of local communities, promotion of climate friendly technologies, environmental human rights.
Education, promotion and raising awareness are cross cutting issues for all those directions.

This includes different types of activity: work on legal issues and advocating of sustainable decision on governmental/ parliamentarian level, awareness raising in general and education for target groups, collecting good practices and dissemination of the best experience in our country and abroad through publications, filming, direct actions (festivals, exhibitions, arts, media events).

We participate in international movements and networks, in particular, UN programs, intergovernmental global and European processes. We are actively involved into Working groups on environment, climate, energy and transport of EaP CSF and of EU-UA Civil Society Platform, at national level and internationally. Our representative is a member of the Council on Trade and Sustainable Development (consultative and advisory body of the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine) and of Ukrainian Advisory group for the Council. Our special attention –  implementation of two UN conventions, Aarhus Convention and the Carpathian Convention.

We cooperate with other CSOs (Ukrainian and from other countries), with organisations and experts from other sectors, with international projects – always focusing on public participation and environmental issues, trying to do all the best to bring environmental issues to other sectors, in particular to agriculture (which is extremely important for Ukraine).

We implemented over 80 projects, produced about 100 publications and over 30 documentaries, video lessons and short videos on sustainable development and nature protection. Our portfolio includes numerous researches, educational activities, practical projects, direct action (including large art actions). In particular, in the field of sustainable agriculture and rural development, Carpathian projects, activities in the field of green and circular economy, education, etc.