The Grant Program “Support of the organic sector in Ukraine”

The Grant Program “Support of the organic sector in Ukraine”

The Grant Program was initiated by the Organic Initiative, which includes key players of the organic sector of Ukraine.

Undoubtedly, agriculture remains one of the important sectors of the economy as Ukraine has been an important global supplier of agricultural and food products for many years.

Direct losses as a result of occupation and direct hits, sea ports blockade, destruction of infrastructure facilities and supply chains, significant increase in the prices of fertilizers, fuel and logistics – this is not an exhaustive list of problems that agricultural producers have faced in these 5 months.

Despite all the difficulties Ukrainian organic agricultural producers were able to complete the spring sowing campaign and start harvesting.

It is important that organic production remains one of the priorities of agricultural production in Ukraine both for producers and the government.

Statement on the situation in the Ukrainian organic sector in view of the russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine (as of March 2022)

Press release of Organic Initiative on the situation in the Ukrainian organic sector after 5 months of the russia’s full-fledged invasion (based on the survey of organic business, July 2022)

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The purpose of the Grant Program

is to support the organic producers to overcome the current situation and preserve and strengthen the capacity of the organic sector of Ukraine in the mid- and long-term.

The eligible applicants are organic market operators, service providers, public organisations and unions working in the field of organic production, circulation and labelling of organic products – legal entities residents in Ukraine.

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Apply for support

  • Phase 1 of the Grant Program implemented from April to August 2022.

The list of the companies supported in the frame of Phase 1 of the Grant Program available by link.

  • Phase 2 of the Grant Program implementing since August 2022.

Results of the 2d phase already available by link.


For details about the Grant Program, list of possible expenses, application forms etc. see the Guidelines on Grant Program “Support of the Organic Sector in Ukraine” (download all documents in one zip file

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The monetary fund of the Grant Program is formed from charitable donations and contributions of individuals and legal entities (residents and non-residents of Ukraine), targeted contributions of international projects / technical assistance programs and other revenues.

Details for Donations

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Report and publicity

Program supported by:

Нас підтримують:

  • BTU-CENTER (Ukraine) has joined the grant program and provides charitable assistance to organic producers in the format of 100 sets of 4 biological products for plant nutrition and protection – 1,070,400 UAH

and other private donors.

The total amount of monetary and material support is USD 367,000

We appreciate support of each partner and supporter aiming to save and recover the Ukrainian organic sector!

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For contacts:

  • Kateryna Shor, Information Center “Green Dossier”, +380 67 440 5937 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Signal), +49 16 091 468 987 e-mail:
  • Olena Deineko, Organic Initiative Coordinator, +48 573 816 280 (Poland), +380 050 944 1242 (Ukraine), +380 067 103 9694 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram), e-mail: